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 Our shop offers a variety of services for local violinists

  • Repair work
  • Restringing
  • Bridge replacement
  • Sound post resetting
  • Bow rehairing
  • Cosmetic detailing

We also sell:

  • New and used violins, violas, cellos
  • bows
  • cases
  • accessories

And whatever else isn't listed here. If you don't see it listed here, please call and ask.

What's New? 

New Electrics now available
Four to choose from in four and five string models. Made from butternut, black cherry and maple.

Welcome JonPaul Bows!

JonPaul offers a wide selection of carbon fiber and carbon composite bows, as well as brazilwood, bandera, ipe and pernambuco.   These are high quality bows from student through professional level.

JonPaul Corona Violin Bow   $626.00

It has been 15 years since I made my last violin, and it's high time I got back to it! I decided to start by introducing my own line of custom electric violins. These beauties are hand carved from a single block of hardwood, and set up to traditional violin specifications.

This NCE-4 violin is carved from butternut, set up with ebony fittings and D'Addario Helicore strings. Outfit includes a JonPaul Matrix bow and a lightweight case. 

4 String $950.00

5 String $1100.00

Cervini Violas and Cellos

   The Cervini lineup now includes violas and cellos. At this time violas are available in 15" only, but expect fractional sizes to come along soon. 

   Cellos are available from 1/4 size through full size. These are ebony fitted carved instruments. Outfit includes a bow and bag.

HC300   List price, $750.00-NVS price, $675.00

In an effort to get these instruments into the hands of aspiring cellists, we are introducing special pricing on fractional size cellos.
HC-300 1/2 size   $475.00
HC-300 3/4 size   $575.00
D'Addario Strings

 We are pleased to announce our latest product line; D'Addario strings! High quality products made in the USA, D'Addario produces a wide range of strings designed to suit the needs of each player from beginner to professional. We are trying to stock the most common products, but will be happy to special order anything you need which is not in stock. See the Strings page for more details.

 Nightingale's Violin Shop is now carring the Cremona 500 series. These are advanced level instruments with ebony fittings and good construction and workmanship. Very good tone and volume. Set up includes Prelude strings, shop adjusted to assure maximum playability. They feature nicely flamed tonewoods, and evenly grained spruce top. Excellent choice for an advancing student or an accomplished player. 

In stock now; 4/4 violin, 4/4 cello and 14" viola

Rent vs Own

Many shops are charging $30 to $40 per month to rent a student violin. That means that for a few months worth of rent, you can buy your child his or her own violin. The Cervini HV150 outfit pictured to the right which includes the case and bow, can be purchased new for $139.95. Many of the cheap instruments which you can buy online are not set up and nowhere near well adjusted, making them extremely difficult to play. Don't handicap your child's progress with a badly setup instrument. My violins are always completely shop adjusted and ready to play.

Trade-ins welcome

Have an old violin stashed in your closet or attic? Maybe it is in less than optimal condition, but that's okay, bring it with you and I can give you a trade in allowance for it.

43 Chestnut St
Johnstown, NY 12095